Why Choose ESN

Dwayne Harris
ESN Founder

Dwayne is a long time multiple business owner and successful coach of some of Australia's most elite athletes. A former professional fighter at an international level, Dwayne was a multi-time state champion, Australian champion and represented Australia many times around the world including Thailand, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and the UAE.

Dwayne founded ESN out of a need to bridge the gap between his own athletes striving for high performance and the lack of supportive nutrition and mindset coaching that were conducive to their goals. Having mastered this with his own team, he wanted to bring the protocols and philosophies of nutrition in a holistic approach to all sports people across many sporting categories.

His passion and experience in coaching athletes to greatness has much to do with his own champion mindset forged through his career dealing with adversity and the burning desire to be the best.

His mission for ESN is to improve amateur and professional athletes' nutrition and mindset to give them a high-performance edge over their competition.

Ben Watson
Head Sports Nutritionist

Ben is the Head Sports Nutritionist at ESN. A Nationally Accredited Practising Nutritionist whose passion lies in providing the competitive edge in performance to athletes and anyone looking to improve their quality of life through safe, effective evidence-based nutrition science. More importantly, Ben strives to provide safe, holistic and precise nutritional advice leaving his clients feeling just as energised, strong and healthy in everyday life as well as achieving peak performance in their chosen sports.

Ben draws on his extensive sporting background which includes decades in AFL, Basketball and Hockey. He's also been involved in combat sports for the past 13

Having studied Psychology and competition, Ben understands the link between good nutrition and its effects on mental health and psychological performance in athletes. This gives him the edge in assisting athletes with their mental challenges around dieting and competition preparation.

Ben believes the correct nutrition and knowledge to fuel athletes subjectively, safely and effectively is the bridge between good and great performance, but also enjoying the goals athletes strive to achieve in their respective sports.

A fuelled athlete is a happy athlete.

Holly McLennan

Holly comes to ESN with a long history of sports coaching. A competitive junior swimmer, Holly coupled this experience with her passion for people development by attaining many sports certifications and becoming a qualified Master Trainer and Nationally Accredited Nutritionist.

The past 5 years Holly has been a successful swimming coach and fitness trainer and has produced some excellent results in her athletes. She now brings her expertise to ESN offering support and coaching in all things nutrition and performance.

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